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Neon Staxx Slot


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Neon Staxx Slot Review

So what does this Neon Staxx slot offer for avid gamblers? As the name suggests, the game's specialty is stacks of symbols! Stacks, which means stacks in English, is stylized in the name staxx, like Basement Jaxx. What is the secret of the pile?

Symbols always land in piles on the field of five dice! So the symbols always hit the field full-sided and produce crushing profits! You can win tremendous amounts if you get a stack of four symbols on all the reels because the game has no less than 40 paylines. If you manage to fill the playing field with lions, you, my friend, have just won 20,000 euros!

This applies to the maximum bet, which is 100 euros. The smallest bet is a measly 20 cents.

So, the most mind-boggling online gambling is expected. Be sure to choose the reliable online gambling houses only to avoid any confusion and issues.

Slot Features

Video slot
Release Date:
May 7, 2015
5 by 3
Win Potential:
Bet Range:
$0.2 - $100
All devices
Other features:
Free spins, multipliers, scatters, cascading win, and wild symbol

In the heart of every professional gambler, there is a great longing to return to the 1980s. Even those born later. What is the reason? Of course, NetEnt's Neon Staxx evokes strong nostalgia with its epicness. It is common knowledge that life was better in the 1980s because there were no Instagram, Facebook, or cell phones, let alone the Internet.

Then the red-cheeked children happily ran to the arcades to play the legendary arcade games. These included Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Galaga, and Donkey Kong.

The new games are nothing next to these giants. Instead of terrific graphics, the games activate the players' imagination to create beautiful worlds around the games.

So NetEnt is restoring everything to the correct order by bringing back that time with its Neon Staxx game, from which other slot games should take a model. Read the review and start playing right away.


How To Play Neon Staxx

Rampant gambling can make you rich, so it's worth starting by playing Neon Staxx. This game offers stunning graphics, a rustic soundtrack, and a fast-paced bonus game that will make your socks spin.

On the wheels of the stylized game, you can find

  • A panther;
  • An eagle, and;
  • A cobra, in addition to the lion and predator symbols.

If you want to get these power animals on your phone, we can happily tell you that Neon Staxx mobile shrinks the arcade game down to a pocket size, so you’ll also use the super staxx feature!

You can proudly present this pocket-sized fun game to your friends, and they can envy your gaming skills when you hit the jackpot.

Indian slot game for real money - Neon Staxx

How to Win Playing Neon Staxx

To win and experience Neon Staxx NetEnt slots for yourself, claim a gigantic bonus from us and start playing immediately with the most considerable possible stakes. Using high stakes is essential because the game will generate more money.

You will notice it yourself if you compare your winnings between small bets and big bets. So make sure you play with big enough stakes.

Only then will you ensure that the money shampoo brought from the 80s to today will bring you gigantic profits. When you win, you can start celebrating, dig out the shabby rock band shirts from the closet, and put on a pink wig!


Neon Staxx Free Spins

Play the Neon Staxx slot until the free spins start. It happens when three pyramid-shaped symbols stop on the playing field. You get ten free spins for three hits, with which you already get many big hits.

If your luck kicks in, four scatter symbols will earn you 15 free spins. With five scatters, the world books get confused, and you get 20 free spins. The free spins do not have a separate unique feature but can be activated in the game at any time when part of the piles starts to enter the playing field.

The unique feature is that with each respin, the symbol changes, so the result can change many times along the way.

Neon Staxx is a game that is suitable for all players. Even if you have no previous gaming experience, this slot game is suitable because you don't need to understand the game's rules.

The slot game is the most straightforward game possible, as you only need to press play. The paylines are fixed, so the only thing you can adjust is the game's stake. Set it as high as possible and start playing right away. What's better than enjoying a fantastic slot game that produces a lot of money?

Slot Conclusion

The Neon Staxx online slot machine promises a lot and delivers a lot! You don't have to get bored with boring and monotonous slots anymore. Start playing wild, thanks to this slot. We can promise that it will become your new favorite, immersing you in a virtual gaming world where time and place lose meaning.

Only a hypnotic synthesizer track playing in the background will propel you forward to bigger and bigger wins.

We are sure you will gain the best experiences in gambling, so it means that the biggest winnings are always possible to appear on the slot machine’s reels.

Besides, remember about responsible gaming and gamble sticking to all rules.


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  • Can I play Neon Staxx free slot?

    Of course. You can always test the game using the Play Neon Staxx free version via your mobile or by picking its desktop version.

  • Can I win real money on Neon Staxx slot?

    This is the purpose of both the game and gamblers. Real money winnings are possible only if you prefer Neon Staxx real money gambling.

  • What is the best place to play Neon Staxx?

    Whatever you favor. However, you should keep in mind that the casino(s) should be licensed. Otherwise, please, avoid gambling.

  • Can I play Neon Staxx slot on mobile phone?

    Yes. All possible devices support the game. So, there’ll be no trouble accessing the game and being eligible for winning big!